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We accept invoices as Finnish e-invoices (Finvoice) and by e-mail.

Contact information


Rregistration number: 2884270-1

VAT ID: FI28842701

We do not accept paper letters or invoices. The company does not have a visiting address.
+358 454 900 656
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We prefer to receive invoices as Finnish e-invoices (Finvoice). Our Finvoice address is:

Finvoice addressOperatorBroker ID

Email invoices

Invoices can also be sent by e-mail to The invoice must be in PDF format and attached as a file. The invoice must contain all the information that would be on a Finnish e-invoice. The invoice must also contain a reference number so that the invoice can be recorded correctly.

If the invoice is not attached and in PDF format, it will not be recorded in our system and it will be ignored. We recommend sending invoices as Finnish e-invoices (Finvoice) instead.